Matt Trumino | New York Graffiti Sticker Collector April 29, 2013 – Posted in: Art – Tags: , , , , , , ,

Meet Matt Trumino, Fanatic Graffiti Sticker Collector and Artist from on Vimeo.

Documenting graffiti and collecting stickers was apart of Matt’s life before helping to start Animal back in 2003. Some view his work as controversial for removing the stickers artists put up and profitting from it. Others view his work as an important documentation of the artform as neighborhoods that are filled with stickers are quickly shrinking.
“One day someone is going to come over and punch me in the face for taking down their sticker but it’s going to last way longer the way I have than the way they have it”

You can view some of Matt’s work at TriBeCa’s Gallery 69, April 25th – May13th.