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When will my order arrive?
It takes about 7 business days. International delivery times vary, depending on the country.

What is your return policy?
We may accept returns in the future. However, currently we do not accept returns for refunds, credits, or exchanges. All sales are final. If you have a question about an item prior to ordering, contact us.

Item Sold Out?
If we get enough inquires, we might restock contact us.

Can I request products you dont carry?
Sure, we just might make it. Hit us up. and join our mailing list for future product releases.

I didn’t get a confirmation email?
It happens, sometimes the internet is slow. First, check your spam or BULK folder. After 1 hour if you haven’t received a confirmation email for your order, contact us. with your full name. We will look into it.

When will you have new stuff?
We try to release new items at regular intervals throughout the year, join our mailing list for future product releases.

Do you guys have gift cards?
Not yet.